Accessible Horsefly



 Accessible Horsefly!!!


                 Tidsdale Lake Dock

THE wheelchair friendly community in the Cariboo!
The community of Horsefly is dedicated to creating wheelchair access in and around our community. All businesses in Horsefly are wheelchair accessible, as is the Horsefly Lake Provincial Campground, the Tisdall Lake Fishing Dock, the Horsefly River Spawning Channel Trail, and Lynn’s Bed, Breakfast & Bale.There are accessible washrooms next to Clarke’s General Store, in the recreation area across the bridge, the library, and the community



A great place for the physically disadvantaged of us to play, to live and to enjoy life to its fullest!
Wheelchair friendly access to:accessibility-collage

  • Salmon River Trail
  • Fishing dock
  • Library
  • Museum
  • Community Hall
  • Stores
  • Café
  • Pub
  • local B & B

and many more local places.


Download our “Accessible-Horsefly-Brochure” brochure.(opens as PDF file in new window)


Bruce-1 Hello, my name is Bruce MacLeod, and I’m the guy in the wheelchair in the pictures. I am a Horsefly resident and  member of the Horsefly Board of Trade, the Horsefly Community Club, the Horsefly Historical Society, and the Horsefly River Roundtable. My wife and I moved here in August 2006, and as the accompanying photos show, this community is above and beyond receptive.

Our community has lots to offer for the physically disadvantaged, like an accessible B&B, a place where young people and folk in wheelchairs can fish, and catch rainbow trout, and the most beautiful scenery in the world, and people willing to give a hand if you need it. If you want a vacation experience where you can enjoy a completely independent experience, come to Horsefly. If you are tired of city life, this is the place for you. Land is very reasonable, and all the trades are represented within the community.


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