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Meet the Author & Avid Fisherman: Horsefly’s Own, Lloyd Antypowich

Meet the Author & Avid Fisherman: Horsefly’s Own, Lloyd Antypowich

Horsefly resident Lloyd Antypowich  was born in 1937 in the house where his family lived on his father`s homestead in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. His father immigrated to Canada in 1904, answering the call to freedom and the possibility of owning property of his own. A new start in life for his family; his wife and the seven children that came with him. Lloyd’s dad was conceived in the old country, but born here in Canada. In fact, the house that was being built on that raw and bush filled property that they came to in northern Saskatchewan, was not finished when little Lloyd made his entry into the world. He was born under a wagon box that had been turned over for shelter. That`s about as close to mother-nature as you can get!

The rest of the article is as quoted from Lloyd Antypowich…

“Times were tough for my parents, but I have enjoyed this life so much that if I had a choice, I don’t believe I would be willing to change any of it. My life was never dull and I even remember growing up in an area where Native Indians put up their tee-pees just down the hill from my home.  My father had befriended them and learned to speak their language, and I remember attending some of their ceremonies with him.

I lived close to the elements of nature, where if it was 40 below outside, the out-house seat was 40 below as well. And the Simpsons Sears and Eaton’s catalogue was something I read while I was contemplating, before I had to tear the page. We didn’t have toilet paper out there on the homestead in those days! “running water” only ran if the person who carried it in ran. The only electricity was in the sky when lightening flashed. Warmth and cooking was facilitated by a wood burning stove – or possibly buffalo or cow “chips” supplied the fuel. Everyone worked hard and understood that “making a living” was really what it was all about. If you didn’t work hard you didn’t  survive. In those days there were no social safety nets.

Yes, you may think it was hard and because of the times and the places where I lived, I did experience things that a lot of other young children never have had that same opportunity to experience. And many of you would feel that you wouldn’t want to have lived that way! Certainly, even at that time, the children in the cities experienced a totally different lifestyle, with the convenience of electricity, running water and flushing toilets.

From these early times in Saskatchewan, my path has taken me many places until I realized my dream. From Saskatchewan, to Lesser Slave Lake in northern Alberta, to Valleyview, Alberta, into the oil field and road construction. Then it was on to Stettler, Alberta where I farmed, from there to Elkford, B.C.  The last leg of my journey; to Horsefly, B.C. where I realized my dream of having a ranch near the mountains.

I have also realized my dream of becoming a published writer and I have based my memoirs on my own memories and have verified those accounts with pictures and documents. The writing takes you from northern Saskatchewan to the Slave Lake area in Northern Alberta. There we lived in logging camps  where my father operated a small sawmill and logged. Then it follows my life into oilfield construction in Alberta. Up until then I worked with my family. To realize my dreams I knew that I had to go out on my own. So I left my familiar surroundings and moved to Stettler, Alberta where I became a farmer.  The next part of the journey was to Elkford, British Columbia where I became a shift boss at Fording Coal. The final part of my path took me to the small community of Horsefly in the Cariboo region of Central British Columbia , where I achieved my lifelong dream.  I bought a ranch near the mountains. My search was over.

My life began in a time when transportation was mainly horse and buggy and evolved into a time when man rocketed to the moon and beyond. From a time when only a few people had telephones or radios, to an age saturated with digital multimedia–cell phones, iPhones, 3-D television, internet, “the cloud”… all inventions beyond the wildest imaginings of my grandparent’s generation.

My books are brimming with humor, hope, adventure, love of life and nature. As well as determination, achievement, disappointments, fear of failure and life lived to its fullest!”

To find out more about Lloyd Antypowich and his books please visit his website at


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